Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of your membership listing?
At our members request, all company and membership information is strictly confidential.

Who is the Business Magazine’s target audience?
It is targeted to the chief decision maker within each company of which 82 percent are CEO/owners and 28 percent are executive level management.

What demographic area does the Business Magazine reach?
The Business Magazine reaches an estimated 15,000 viewers each month through direct mail and digital subscribers as well as its online edition, which is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

How often is the Business Magazine published?
The Business Magazine is published 12 months a year and reaches the entire membership by the first of the month.

How can I get a subscription to the digital edition?
You can register here to have a free e-copy sent to you each month.

How can I subscribe to the printed edition?
Simply fill out our paid registration form.

How can I submit member company news to the Business Magazine?
E-mail your press release to Karen Torres or fax it to 814/833-4844.

The Business Magazine will publish news on major appointments, mergers, grants or awards, as space permits. Press releases may be submitted.

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Shawn Netkowicz
Business Development Manager, Business Magazine
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Frank Mehler
Account Executive, Business Magazine
Manufacturer & Business Association