Consider a Modern Approach to Personalized Vision Benefits


Offering a complete benefits package is crucial to helping your employees maintain their overall health and well-being. To ensure your employees’ unique needs are met, consider selecting carriers who consistently review plan design trends and industry studies to make meaningful recommendations. Important aspects to consider when re-evaluating your plan include frequency, material allowance, employee out-of-pocket costs and premium rates.

A comprehensive vision plan is essential for receiving annual vision care exams and materials that meet eye and health needs no matter a person’s visual acuity.

Modern vision plans focus on employees’ visual needs and budget while keeping today’s industry trends in mind. Designing a customized plan goes beyond matching current benefits and requires support and guidance from a trusted expert.

With a traditional plan, employees are often faced with the concern of reusing a broken frame, paying out-of-pocket when visual needs change or using contact lenses beyond the recommended wear.

With a modern plan, increased frame and contact lens allowances allow members to select materials that meet their needs. The average contact lens allowance of $110 does not facilitate the purchase of an annual supply, with average annual supplies ranging from $180 to $760.

For employers with a large population of early- or mid-career professionals, a vision plan that limits employees to either eyeglasses or contact lenses may not allow for a seamless transition from their work day, to their hobbies, travels or downtime. As many as 24 percent of people who need vision correction identify as Dual Wearers, meaning they choose between glasses and contacts based on their mood and daily activities. With innovative plan designs, like VBA’s Combo Plan, employees can have their visual needs met with a complete pair of eyeglasses and contact lenses in the same benefit period.

For employers who have a large population of late-career professionals, a single pair of glasses may not meet employees’ personal and professional needs. Employers can take a proactive step in enhancing their vision benefits by offering coverage for an additional pair of eyeglasses.

Matt Cuomo is the vice president of Sales at Vision Benefits of America (VBA). He is responsible for sales and vision plan education. To connect with an expert about customizing a modern vision plan, contact him at or visit