Monday 11 December 2017
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Category: Legal Brief

Two rubber stamps over white background with the text restricted information and confidential. 3D illustration.

Confidential Information: What You Can and Should Protect With Non-Disclosure Agreements

Tom Pendleton is a partner at MacDonald Illig Attorneys and has been representing businesses, nonprofit corporations and individuals in a...

world trading with industries truck,trains,ship and air cargo freight logistic background use for all import export transportation theme

Freight Loss: A Carrier’s Guide to Lost Pounds

Matthew W. Fuchs is a partner at MacDonald Illig Attorneys. He has represented businesses and individuals in a wide variety of commercial...


Know the Benefits of Personal Care Agreements

Shaun B. Adrian is a senior partner at MacDonald Illig and a member of the firm’s Estates and Trusts Group. He works with individuals and...

Labor Law books with a judges gavel on desk in the library. legal education ,law books concept.

Labor and Employment Issues for Nonprofits

Why it’s important to be aware of the labor and employment issues for nonprofits in order to prevent liability.