Monday 11 December 2017
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Category: Health Matters

Middle-aged woman has just measured her blood pressure and shows blood pressure gauges figures to virtual doctor. Male physician in headset is carefully looking at it and explains brain x ray picture in the monitor. Horizontal shot on light blurry curtains background

Telehealth — What’s in it for Employers and Employees?

Kim A. Jacobs is vice president of Strategic Business Development, Consumer Innovation and Commercial Strategy & Performance for UPMC...

Cost of medicine - blank, money and pen

Five Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Pharmacy Costs

Chronis Manolis, R.Ph., is the vice president of pharmacy and chief pharmacy officer for UPMC Health Plan. Pharmacy tends to be the most...


Population Health Management Can Save You Big Money

Marion McGowan, Ph.D. is the chief clinical officer and senior vice president of population health for the UPMC Insurance Services...

A man is working at a standup desk in an office where he works because standing is healthier than sitting all day. Live healthy, don’t sit all day.

Sitting is the New Smoking

How sitting has become the new smoking and why it’s important to fit activity into your workday.