Tuesday 23 May 2017
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Category: Health Matters

Doctor with tablet

Health Management Programs Provide Winning Game Plan for Support

Michael Parkinson, M.D., is senior medical director of UPMC Health Plan and UPMC WorkPartners, which are part of the UPMC Insurance...


7 Reasons Why Online Benefits Administration Makes a Lot of ‘Cents’

Ryan Smith is a sales executive at EBenefits Solutions, which is an affiliate company of the UPMC Insurance Services Division. The other...


How to Use Tiered and Narrow Networks to Control Health-Care Costs

Kimberly Cepullio is the vice president of Sales, Account Manangement and Product Development for UPMC Health Plan, which is an affiliate...

Stethoscope and question on white background. Isolated 3D image

Refocused: Corporate Wellness Programs, EEOC Compliance

Tom Drennan is the director of EAP Account Management for UPMC WorkPartners, which provides health and productivity solutions to...