New Business Intelligence Program to Engage Association Members More Rapidly, Effectively


“The value of the Association to its members could never surpass the value of the members to the Association.”

That statement is permanently memorialized in the headquarters at the Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) and has guided this organization since its founding 108 years ago. For us, it’s not just a mantra or an inscription on a wall — it’s the driving force behind every decision and activity.

is essential that we demonstrate a return on member investment. Before we offer a new or improved service, it must first pass what we refer to as the quantitative value test.

• Does the product or service meet the needs or wants of members?
• Does the product or service provide a unique and exclusive tangible benefit?
• Does the organization offering the product or service meet or exceed the highest standards of operation?

If the product or service fails any one of the value-test criteria, it is rejected.

Two of the MBA’s most significant value propositions are the insurance program, which saves participating members an average of $2,240 per year, and the energy program, which saves members $7,000 annually — a combined value of 33 years in membership dues.

So while most associations continue to focus on selling products, the MBA remains focused on providing solutions. Why? Because our members demand it.
This demand orientation can only be achieved through a close working relationship with each member company. It’s why we have a team of professionals creating a comprehensive communications program that focuses more on listening to you, our members.

This program will foster a closer relationship and direct interaction with you through a multitude of communication methods that will include social media, email, fax and direct mail. You will be able to select from communications designed to fit your particular needs and preferences — not only in method but in content.

During the next several months, you will see this new concept unfold in what we are calling the business intelligence program. The challenges and demands placed on our member companies to effectively compete are growing rapidly and are increasingly more complex. Therefore, the information and solutions to meet those challenges must be equally rapid and effective.

This is not change for the sake of change, but meaningful initiatives that drive the value equation. Equally important, you will be engaged in the co-development of the products and services that result in measurable and targeted solutions that enhance your daily operations.

It is our hope that this approach reinforces the mission of our founding members while embracing today’s innovative methods of identifying areas for improvement, analyzing problems and delivering solutions that increase the value of your MBA membership.