Make a Difference With Great Customer Service


There is a current epidemic in this country, and it’s not the flu. Poor customer service seems to be the rule these days and it presents a great opportunity for those of us who are looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition. From the surly sales clerk to the apathetic customer service phone representative, customers are beginning to feel less and less important.

Great customer service is not rocket science and it can be a difference maker. Below are three keys to winning and keeping those valuable customers:

1. Everyone walks the talk. Every employee on your staff is in customer service, regardless of their job title. They are the face of your organization both on and off the job. Treat them well and they will be ambassadors for you and your business.

2. Everything matters. From the restrooms to the parking lot, from your website to employee appearance, you are giving current and future customers reasons to either do business with you or move on to someone else.

3. Take care of every customer … especially your regulars. We can assume that our regular customers will always be there and start to take them for granted. Guess what? You don’t own them and your competition would love to grab them from you. Remember, before they were your customer they were somebody else’s.

Great customer service is really common sense. The problem is, it is not common practice. Treat every customer like the future of your business depends on them — because it does.

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