A New Electricity Alliance


Since its inception in 2009, the Employers’ Energy Alliance of Pennsylvania, Inc. (EEA-PA) has supported the energy needs of Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) members. That means consistently looking for ways to help these employers maintain a competitive advantage.So when Association members said they wanted a variety of options of energy services to choose from that the EEA-PA alone couldn’t provide, the MBA went looking for a partner that could — providing the trust and expertise they’d come to expect from the Association. Enter NRG Business Solutions.

NRG Business Solutions’ parent company, NRG Energy, is one of the country’s largest power generators and ranks 284th on the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations, as of 2012. “e company generates more than 47,000 megawatts of energy — enough capacity to power 40 million homes. In fact, NRG Energy’s retail electricity providers — Reliant, Green Mountain Energy Company and Energy Plus — and thermal energy division serve more than 2 million residential, business, commercial, and industrial customers in 16 states overall.

Best of all, energy experts say, NRG Business Solutions brings competitive pricing and customized electricity plans tailored to #t EEA-PA customers’ needs — no
matter if they are a large manufacturer, medium size school or church, or even a small pizza shop.

“An alliance with NRG Energy through NRG Business Solutions allows us to provide a range of plans along with the same level of experience, expertise and service you’ve come to expect from the EEA-PA,” explains EEA-PA Regional Representative Chuck Jenkins. “This means you can choose services and terms to match your strategic and operational needs, helping you save your organization money.”

“In short,” continues Jenkins, “with NRG Business Solutions and the EEA-PA, you have the kind of electricity provider you’ve asked for — one with the resources and flexibility to serve the needs of your business.”

“EEA-PA plays an important role in promoting the benefits of competitive retail energy markets and we look forward to working together with its members,” says NRG Energy VP & GM, Mass Markets, Paul Keene. “NRG has the resources to provide high quality, superior service to all members and customers can be confident in our financial stability, market expertise and record of accomplishment.”

Greater Flexibility

Through the Manufacturer & Business Association’s alliance with NRG Business Solutions, customers in the Penelec, PPL, Met-Ed and PECO utility service areas now have greater flexibility in how their electricity is purchased — and budgeted.

Previously, the EEA-PA was limited to variable pricing on the Day-Ahead Energy Market in order to get its members the best electricity savings. Now members, especially larger electricity users, have the options to go variable, blend or access #xed pricing through the futures market.

“Although participating companies will continue to be on a Day-Ahead variable rate product,” notes Jenkins, “they will now have the option to lock into a competitive fixed price should they desire. It’s up to them.”

Energy experts say that #xed pricing gives customers the budget certainty they want and demand. “The added benefit is that you know the price is never going over
that amount during the contract term,” Jenkins states.

For very large usage customers that want a combination of variable and #xed pricing, they also can take advantage of a mixed or blended plan. for example, a larger energy consumer, using 3 million kilowatt hours a year, may want to make 50 percent of their load fixed and 50 percent variable so they can better budget, but also take advantage of cost savings when electricity markets are low.

“More complicated pricing structures require energy expertise,” adds Jenkins. “And now, through NRG Business Solutions, we can o!er these kinds of products.”

“With our experience servicing some of the most energy-intensive businesses in the country, customers can look forward to innovative, customized energy solutions,” says Keene.

“These savings are in large part the result of the fairly stable energy environment in Pennsylvania. Energy experts say development of the Marcellus Shale region has caused record low prices in the natural gas industry and has driven electricity prices down significantly since rate caps were removed in recent years.

“So, if you were willing to take the risk of a variable market,” Jenkins continues, “you benefited from a downward pricing market. It kept going down and it has stabilized in a very low area.”

Plus, with the program’s variable product, there is no long-term contract; it is month to month, and there are no fees for leaving. “You just give 30-days notice and you are out,” notes Jenkins. “”ere is no fee to switch to another provider, or go back to the utility company.”

“As energy markets change and prices begin to rise,” he adds, “members may want to start thinking about fixed products.”

Energy Conservation Experts

Another way the EEA-PA is providing additional cost savings is through the expertise that NRG Energy and NRG Business Solutions can provide in energy conservation. NRG is a pioneer in developing cleaner and smarter energy choices that can help control energy costs for business.

According to Jenkins, the EEA-PA’s website,, will soon be updated to include valuable tools
and helpful hints to reduce electricity consumption. NRG Business Solutions also will provide customers with a monthly newsletter to keep them aware of options
available in the industry.

“The goal is to help control a company’s energy costs both from the supply level — through our variable and fixed pricing program — and by conserving energy
through education,” says Jenkins. “We have more tools and products available to our members than ever before.”

“This partnership goes beyond quality service and competitive pricing,” says Keene. “We will work closely with our customers to find solutions and tailored plans to support their business operations and energy needs.”

Join the Program

The only way to find out which energy savings plan is right for your business is to contact the Association directly.

Any employer can become a member of MBA and take advantage of the Association’s energy savings program. Just click on “Request a Quote” on to see how much you can save on future energy costs.

“We can analyze your electric accounts for the last 12 months and produce a report of what our variable pricing would have been for you,” says Jenkins. “We can’t
predict the future but we can tell you, in relationship to utility company prices, what kind of savings were possible. Of course, we also can provide fixed term, fixed price quotes to our members.”

Through NRG and the EEA-PA, “Our role is to look after the member and do what is best for the member,” continues Jenkins. “We will educate you. We will teach
you how to shop for electricity, and how to compare prices between suppliers. We will now provide all the products necessary to help you make your decision.”

It’s a new electricity alliance that will bene#t all participating Association members that are EEA-PA/NRG customers.

To learn more about the EEA-PA, visit or call 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660 to speak with one of our energy representatives.