Engel O’Neill Advertising

Member of the Week: Engel O’Neill Advertising


Contact Information:

Engel O’Neill Advertising
2124 Sassafras Street
Erie, PA

Phone Number: 814/454-3111


What is your approach to business growth?

Engel O’Neill Advertising’s main approach to new business is simply to do great strategic, creative and media-smart work and treat the clients’ businesses as if they were ours. In so doing, we hope to build and maintain a good reputation so we’re considered by companies searching for an agency and so we’re chosen by clients we actively seek. More proactively, we approach prospective clients that we believe are the very best in their fields – banking, education, health care, manufacturing, car sales, other retail and industrial businesses, as well as cause-related campaigns in which we believe. We also seek business relationships among people with whom we’re impressed. Their professionalism, integrity and character are important. As we say, “We do the best work for the best clients.”

Partners and employees are equally involved in performing the skills of our business – advertising and public relations strategizing, creative concepting, writing, commercial art production, media buying, and account handling in terms of budgeting, project planning, measuring results, etc. While our approach to new business has been very successful for us, our first priority is to best serve our current clients.

What do you credit for your organization’s success?

The main reasons for our current success are our talented employees – Gloria Fulgenzio, Angela Gast, Leslie Gordon, Sue Lucas, Julie Monaghan, Dana Pontillo, Tim Rogala and Anna Walzer, in addition to partners Nancy O’Neill and Greg Engel. What we sell are people skills in advertising and public relations – the industry skills listed above as well as skills in serving clients. Having employees who we believe are the best in their areas of expertise is also the best way to succeed in our very competitive business – perhaps the only way to succeed long-term.

Ad agencies best serve clients in handling their external marketing communications. We’re objective and experienced in creating advertising and marketing messages and materials for all media. We buy media ratings and use custom software to determine the highest reach and frequency most cost effectively. We work as a team, among ourselves and with our clients to help them succeed. Because they do, Engel O’Neill has enjoyed continued success for many years.