Member of the Week: FMC Technologies Inc.


Contact Information:

FMC Technologies Inc.
1602 Wagner Avenue
Erie, PA

Phone Number: (814) 898-5000


How would you describe the state of manufacturing today?

Overall the manufacturing industry has been making significant strides in the past decade. Employment in manufacturing jobs has been rebounding. We have been reducing our dependency on overseas products and manufacturing services. We are becoming more and more self-sufficient as a country. Many organizations have adopted a forward thinking approach to implementing lean initiatives. These initiatives help drive an ongoing effort to reduce overall cost and improve efficiency. FMC Technologies has developed and embraced new technologies that we have been able to leverage to better our position within the global marketplace.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

FMC Technologies is actively investing in our local facility as well as the community. We are continuing to make capital investments in facility and infrastructure upgrades as well as acquiring new machine tools to better leverage our position in the global market for our goods and services. We recognize the importance of the local manufacturing sector and are committed to investing in the local economy with over 53 percent of our annual spend staying right here in northwestern Pennsylvania. We manufacture precision-built, liquid custody transfer flow meters and are heavily dependent on employing talented machinists, welders and assemblers who can consistently produce our products to exacting specifications. Year after year, as our business continues to grow, we are drawing from the local community for the skilled trade talent required. More than 60 percent of our annual sales is attributed to overseas shipments making us a net exporter of products and services. Our strong growth, coupled with the imminent retirement of numerous experienced employees, has led us to foster a new relationship with the Erie School District in the development of a manufacturing student intern program. This program will help to provide family sustaining opportunities for high school students that are interested in machining or welding careers within our organization. Additionally, we work closely with the Erie Institute of Technology to train our existing employees with basic machining skills required to safely operate our equipment. These employees are then mentored and further trained by our talented, experienced employees. Ultimately, attracting, developing and retaining talent is key to the continued success of our organization and the foundation that differentiates us from other businesses in our industry.