Member of the Week: Plastikos and Micro Mold


Contact Information:

Plastikos and Micro Mold
8165 Hawthorne Drive
Erie, PA

Phone Number: (814) 868-1656


What role does technology and innovation play in your operations?
Technology, innovation, and medical injection molding are essential to Plastikos’ & Micro Mold’s ability to meet our medical device and electronic industry customers’ very challenging requirements today, and are critical to our continued ability to do so in the future. We seek to incorporate cutting-edge technology into all aspects of our manufacturing processes and production support functions throughout the new mold design, fabrication, qualification, and production phases of a project. Additionally, we are constantly pushing ourselves internally to innovate across all of our day-to-day processes within all departments at both Companies. Continuous improvement is a key thread of the Plastikos & Micro Mold culture and one in which new technology & innovation are inherently interwoven.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?
First and foremost, we rely on our very talented and dedicated team at both Micro Mold & Plastikos. We are proud of the extremely technical and experienced team of individuals at both Companies, and seek to incorporate on-going training and continuous education into everyone’s career development. Additionally, we have developed close partnerships with the faculty, staff, and students in Penn State-Erie’s Plastics Engineering program, with our preferred equipment and raw material suppliers, and with other plastics industry & community resources. All of these partnerships enable us to tap into the latest developments, best practices, and innovations across a wide range of topics that impact our businesses every day — and they also play a key role in our strategy to proactively recruit & hire the very best individuals to further strengthen our team.