Member of the Week: ERIE Press Systems


Contact Information:

ERIE Press Systems
1253 West 12th Street
Erie, PA

Phone Number: (814) 455-3941


How did your company get its start?
In 1895, five Erie investors including John R. McDonald, President of First National Bank, and Charles M. Reed, investor, formed the Erie Foundry Company to manufacture fine iron castings and general foundry work for the growing local steam engine and boiler manufacturers. Today, ERIE Press Systems designs and manufactures custom engineered hydraulic and mechanical presses and machinery for forging, forming, stretching, compacting, and molding processes including carbon steel, nickel, titanium, and aluminum alloys, powders, carbon, composites, plastics, and more.

What do you credit for the longevity of your operation?
Our employees are our most valuable resources; their creativity, experience, dedication, and teamwork to design, fabricate, machine, assemble, test, travel, and install our equipment around the world satisfies customers that rely on ERIE Press Systems for quality and service.