Member of the Week: Process and Data Automation


Contact Information:
Process and Data Automation
5451 Merwin Lane
Erie, PA 16510

Phone Number: (814) 866-9600


Studies show that a strong workplace culture is key to attracting and retaining employees. Describe your workplace culture. How have you leveraged your company’s culture for business success?

As a professional services firm Process and Data Automation really has one main asset we could not survive without: our team. Equipment, suppliers, partners, etc., are all secondary to the individual and team service providers that we deploy to tackle problems. We focus daily on balancing the strenuous demands of our work with the individual and family needs of our Engineers, Technicians, and Interns. Working in the industrial environment presents a lot of challenges, thus, our corporate culture is one of company and team comfort, development, and support. We have active and diverse programs for both hard skills and soft skills development; we provide work space and tools conducive to the individual and group technical challenges that our employees address, and we execute many events in support of the wellness and camaraderie of our employees including extension to their families. This approach has led to remarkably low employee turnover during our tenure in business as well as many successful projects delivered by our professional and dedicated team.