Micro Mold, Plastikos Committed to Investment in Employee Training


Micro Mold and Plastikos TrainingERIE – Micro Mold and Plastikos, a medical injection molding company, announced that, in fiscal year 2016, the plastics companies dedicated more than $51,000 toward training opportunities for employees in different position levels. More than $25,000 has been dedicated to employee training for fiscal year 2017 to date.

According to the companies, one of the most recent examples of this investment has been training through RJG, an internationally recognized leader in injection molding training, for its Engineering and Production Departments. A member of Plastikos’ management staff recently completed the RJG Master Molder I Technical Training, RJG Master Molder II Training, and the RJG Certified Instructor Certification. With a certified instructor at Plastikos, it enables employees to be trained onsite for various courses that RJG offers, which includes Math for Molders, Injection Molding Essentials, Systematic Molding, and Decoupled II Workshop.

In July 2017, three team members also completed the (RJG) Scientific and Systematic Molding course in-house. The three-day course combines classroom instruction and real-life examples through on-the-job training exercises. Specific areas are highlighted, such as mold and part design considerations, process control, instrumentation strategies and more. To date, eight employees have completed a variation of courses onsite and more than a dozen are eligible to enroll and complete training throughout the upcoming fall and winter months.

In addition to RJG, Plastikos and Micro Mold utilize the Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) for professional development training. Supervisors recently took part in the MBA’s regionally recognized Certified Supervisory Skills Series. The five-part series presents the skills needed to properly motivate and direct employees to meet company goals, quality standards and compliance. A high emphasis is placed on management techniques that are essential to the success of both the supervisor and the company.

Employees also have taken part in other various courses at the MBA, such as the Leadership For Team Leaders Series. The five-day series shows newly appointed supervisors how to properly guide their teams to reach various company goals. It also helps them learn how to cope when faced with difficult situations and how to properly and successfully handle them.

Philip Katen, Plastikos president and general manager, proudly supports the companies’ continuous improvement efforts. “At Plastikos and Micro Mold, we view the investment in our people as an essential piece of our larger continuous improvement strategy. We recognize that our people truly are our greatest asset, so we allocate the time and financial resources to continually grow and develop that talent.”

Katen continued, “In the end, we believe that our investment in our people will yield significant benefits for our customers, to our employees as they progress through their respective careers, and ultimately for our company.”

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Micro Mold and Plastikos specialize in precision mold design and fabrication, as well as tight-tolerance injection molding.

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