Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Valentis Security Prepares for 2019 Expansion, Secures New Offices

PITTSBURGH — Valentis Security has announced its initiation of expansion plans for 2019 with acquisition of a new facility in January 2019.

The new leased location, 1326 Streets Run Road, offers open space that will be specially redesigned to facilitate a training environment for Valentis security personnel in close quarters defensive combat scenarios, as well as other scenario-based training.

According to a press release, “Valentis believes political, media and corporate focus on security will only intensify in 2019, resulting in new clients and opportunities for Valentis to showcase more sophisticated training foundation for its guards and its proprietary security strategies.”

“Valentis strives to set a high standard for training in the security industry and we are accomplishing this standard with our new location. We will also be offering our facility to law enforcement agencies to help prepare them, as well, for these sometimes dangerous scenarios when there are many unknowns and variables,” said Marnie Sutch, chief executive officer of Valentis Security.

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