PA Cyber Celebrates 20 Years of Online Learning


Founded in 2000, PA Cyber is headquartered in Midland (Beaver County) and maintains an active network of nine regional offices throughout Pennsylvania. As a public school, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

is open for enrollment to any school-age child residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and does not charge tuition to students or families.

With the 2020 graduating class, PA Cyber is celebrating 20 years of serving and educating students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“PA Cyber’s online learning environments, personalized instructional methods and choices of curricula connect more than 10,000 Pennsylvania students and their families with highly qualified, state-certified teachers,” says Chief Executive Officer Brian Hayden. “Featuring rich academic content (fully aligned with PA state standards),

PA Cyber stands proud of the quality educational opportunities provided to a growing and diverse student population over the past two decades.”

For a number of reasons, children thrive in PA Cyber’s charter school setting. Similar to traditional public schools, parental support and family involvement remain necessary for any student’s academic success. Coupled with engaging teachers and support staff, PA Cyber’s innovative learning model allows faculty members to use a variety of strategies and robust, evolving curricula to create an individualized education program designed to enrich the online learning experience.

More Than Just Cyber

In addition to its robust online offerings, PA Cyber has established nine office locations throughout Pennsylvania offering resources and support for PA students and families.

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