Greenleaf Unveils New Solid Ceramic End Mills


SAEGERTOWN, PA — Greenleaf Corporation recently announced XSYTIN®-360, a new line of high-performance solid ceramic end mills, to the global market. XSYTIN®-360 end mills combine Greenleaf’s phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings. The strength of the material allows the user to apply chip loads similar to solid carbide end mills with higher speeds common to ceramic machining. These new ceramic end mills provide customers with significant increases in productivity over current solid carbide or ceramic products.

Greenleaf’s XSYTIN®-1 material, introduced in 2016, was engineered to machine a wider variety of materials than any other ceramic in the industry. The structure of this phase-toughened ceramic exhibits high wear resistance and outstanding thermal shock resistance, which makes the XSYTIN®-360 end mills highly predictable, very versatile, high-performance products.

According to the company, XSYTIN®-360 end mills have shown the highest material removal rates and resulted in increased productivity on a wide range of materials. These end mills have proven to be extremely effective when machining a variety of different materials including high-temperature alloys, 3D-printed sintered high-temperature alloys, hardened steels, ductile cast irons, and compacted graphite iron (CGI). In hardened steels specifically, the tool life of XSYTIN®-360 end mills has proven to be equal to high-performance carbide end mills when run at high-end speeds (11,460 RPM), while also removing over 73 cubic inches (over 1200 cubic cm) of material.

“I am extremely excited about the introduction of XSYTIN®-360 and the performance advantages these end mills offer to our customers. As the world leader in ceramic innovation, we worked hard to make sure that our entry into the end mill market was one of true innovation, differentiation, and value,” says Bernie McConnell, executive vice president of Commercial at Greenleaf Corporation. “We believe we have achieved our goal! The high-performance solid round tool market opens up a whole new opportunity for Greenleaf to expand our presence and market share in new and existing customers.”

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