Made In PA


When it comes to jobs, wealth and economic strength, small businesses are essential to the future of the Keystone State.

In Pennsylvania, there are nearly 1 million small businesses that employ 2.5 million individuals — representing almost half of our private workforce. These businesses are the bedrock of our economy and prosperity, and the reason why fostering a pro-business climate is more essential than ever today.

One of the most robust industries of these small businesses is manufacturing — supporting industries across the world, from automotive and aerospace, to plastics and electronics, as well as medical, energy and technology firms.

And that’s not all.

According to statistics from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturers in Pennsylvania are one of the greatest wealth generators and job creators in the Keystone State, accounting for 11.42 percent of the total output and employing 9.63 percent of the workforce with average of 540,000 manufacturing employees in Pennsylvania in 2020.

In fact, at a recent manufacturing caucus, officials estimated Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry was the eighth largest in the country, with an economic impact of $92 billion.

Manufacturing investments create ripples across the economy, creating jobs and growth in other industries as well. According to experts, every dollar in final sales of manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other sectors — the largest multiplier of any sector.

In this special edition of the MBA Business Magazine, we’ll highlight the many manufacturers and other businesses that are proud to operate here in PA. One such company is the family owned and operated Duncan Financial Group, founded in Irwin, Pennsylvania in 1978, which has been assisting employers and individuals for three generations.

We’ll also talk with Matt Bressler of Wickett & Craig in Curwenswille, located in the heart of central PA, on this unique company, his views as a Pennsylvania manufacturer and one of only two remaining vegetable tanneries operating in the United States.

Plus, don’t miss our 2022 Showcase of Manufacturers, recognizing all the great companies that are producing parts and products in Pennsylvania.

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