MBA Gears Up for First Annual Leadership Summit


Continuous education opens doors. In today’s workplace, the more skills and training you have, the greater the chance for better business performance, productivity and profitability. Leadership training is also essential. Here, Patty Welther, manager of Member Engagement at the Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA), explains what’s in store for the MBA’s first annual Leadership Summit on Wednesday, April 19, at the MBA Conference Center in Erie and why employers and their key team members should plan to attend.

The MBA Leadership Summit is going to be a unique training experience for MBA members. Tell us more. We are very excited to offer the first annual Leadership Summit for MBA members. By participating in this event, senior executives and managers will learn new ideas and
strategies for effective leadership, best practices and valuable lessons that they can apply to their work environment.

Why is leadership training so important in today’s workplace?
Over the course of the pandemic, many business leaders have come to realize that the skills their organizations will need in the future are not the same ones they’ve required in the past. There are three main ways businesses can manage skills shortages: hire new talent, reskill current staff or upskill employees. A great way for managers to improve their capabilities, inspire their teams and achieve outstanding business results is through proper leadership skills training. If you’re just starting your leadership training, you must develop your self-awareness. Being a great leader isn’t just about knowing a lot about your industry. It demands that you understand your needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to best support your team. Successful leaders are able to transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage their employees to deliver better results.

Who are some of the presenters?
Adina B. Tovell, MBA, M.ed., CPC, is an executive coach, founder of the People Leadership Institute, and chief executive officer of Courage to be Curious, LLC, a boutique coaching and consulting company specializing in developing people-centered leaders and workplaces. Company culture begins with self-leadership, and Tovell will discuss what company culture is and the critical role of self-leadership in successful organizations, as well as the secret ingredient for effective self-leadership.

Bill Kaiser, senior vice president of CultureWise, will discuss “Culture as a Competitive Advantage.” Kaiser says that this presentation is not your stereotypical culture conversation, but it will focus on culture in a more strategic way — to leverage your culture as the distinct competitive advantage that it is and drive a higher level of performance within your organization. According to Kaiser, “Companies don’t win because of what they offer, they win because of how they offer it; behaviors set you apart.”

Other speakers include: Tesha L. Nesbit, RCC, director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility at North American Partners in Anesthesia, and principal at Phoenix Rising Coaching who will focus on “Why Succession Planning Can’t Wait.” Meghan Duda Kinter, Ph.D., will present on “Why Leaders Must Address the Employee Well-being Deficit.” Another speaker is the MBA’s own Tracy Daggett, PHR, manager of Professional Development Training Services, who will be discussing key traits of a successful leader. We also will have an executive panel to discuss what keeps their teams on track with the mission, vision and values of the organization to help them succeed and maintain an engaged workforce.

Who should plan to attend this event?
Senior managers and executives; anyone in a leadership role who wants to develop their self-awareness and enhance their skills and abilities. The program does qualify for HRCI/SHRM credits.

Is there anything else members need to know?
This event will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. at the MBA Conference Center in Erie. Seating is limited, and there is a discount available for members who want to purchase a table of six.

What’s the best way to learn more and register?
Members can register and view the agenda online at You also can contact me at 814/833-3200, 800/815-2660 or for more information.