Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc. Celebrates 85 Years of Business Success


McKees Rocks, PA – Celebrating 85 years in the custom spring manufacturing industry, Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc. has maintained its legacy as a family owned and operated business. Founded by Joseph Vodvarka in 1939, the company has remained closely tied to its roots in the community of McKees Rocks, just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Originally aspiring to be a professional tenor, Joseph Vodvarka pivoted to become a machinist in 1939, foreseeing the potential risks associated with relying solely on a singing career. Starting with a small coiling machine, he initiated Ace Wire Spring & Form Co. Inc. by crafting garter springs by hand in a converted upstairs room of his house, which doubled as his office. Vodvarka’s garage served as his workshop, allowing him to not only sustain his family but also impart valuable knowledge about the spring manufacturing industry to his loved ones.

As the business expanded, a new facility was built in 1955 to accommodate the company’s growth. Vodvarka, alongside his children Joey and Linda, continued to play pivotal roles in the family business, increasing its clientele and staff.

In 1976, Vodvarka retired, prompting the sale of the company. Linda Vodvarka and her husband Richard D. Froehlich acquired Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc., preserving its status as a family-owned and operated business. The Froehlich’s staunch advocates of family values, embedded this ethos into the Ace culture, ensuring personalized customer service, engineering support, and high-quality products tailored to customer needs.

The commitment to family values led to another expansion in 1986, with the construction of a new 55,000-square-foot-facility in the local community. This dedication to the community fostered long-term employee retention, with many staff members dedicating over two decades to the company. The pride and passion invested by the employees are evident in the superior custom spring and wire form products they produce.

Linda Froehlich emphasizes the importance of customer communication, stating, “Design Engineers are available to help any customer with a problem, usually talking with them to find out what the exact need is.” This customer-centric approach reflects the care and commitment ingrained in Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc.’s operations.

Rich Froehlich, echoing his father-in-law’s teachings, instills the three Ps of business—Passion, Perseverance, and Persistence. This guiding philosophy has propelled Ace over the past 85 years and is now carried forward by their President Ritchy Froehlich and his son RJ, who joined the family business in 2023.

Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc. maintains its industry leadership by specializing in the manufacturing of custom Compression, Extension, Torsion springs, and Wire Forms. With over 85 years of experience, the company offers a diverse range of custom precision springs.

Linda Froehlich emphasizes the company’s dedication, stating, “We have a first-class team of on-site engineers to assist customers with developing solutions for a large variety of applications, along with an on-site quality control staff.” The craftsmen and women at Ace are trained in the latest mechanical and CNC wire forming machines and techniques, amassing over 100 years of collective experience within the industry.

The Froehlich’s underscore Ace’s value proposition: “The benefit Ace delivers to companies time and time again is that we understand the customer’s needs and meet or exceed their requirements while delivering a quality product.”

Expressing gratitude, The Froehlichs conclude, “Ace Wire Spring & Form Co., Inc. would like to thank all of its customers and vendors for making it possible for us to celebrate being in business for 85 years. We look forward to the next 85, where it’s always ‘SPRINGtime.’”

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