Eriez Forges the Future of Separation Technology


Eriez is a global company that is firmly rooted in Erie, Pennsylvania. Shown here are the company’s two Erie locations – its corporate headquarters at 2200 Asbury Road (above) and manufacturing facility at 1901 Wager Road (left).

The rich history of Eriez traces back to 1942, when Orange Fowler “O.F.” Merwin, an enterprising traveling salesperson specializing in grain milling equipment, observed a pervasive problem among his clientele: ferrous contamination disrupting their milling operations. From small metal fragments such as wire and nails to larger items like horseshoes and hammers, these stray materials would inadvertently find their way into the process, causing significant damage and, in extreme cases, sparking fires.

With an eye for innovation and a commitment to problem-solving, O.F. embarked on a mission to remedy this issue. Working in the basement of his home in Erie, Pennsylvania, he poured his efforts into developing what would ultimately become the world’s first permanent magnetic plate separator. This groundbreaking invention provided a transformative solution to ferrous contamination and set the company on its path to success.

From Basement Prototype to Global Leader

From humble beginnings to a worldwide powerhouse, Eriez’ journey has spanned more than 80 years, shaping the profound legacy that defines Eriez today.

Under the leadership of the Merwin family, Eriez has emerged as a global leader in separation technologies, boasting more than 900 employees around the world, an extensive sales representative network, and more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company’s comprehensive range of state-of-the-art magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment is now manufactured through 12 wholly owned international subsidiaries. Eriez’ headquarters remains firmly rooted in Erie, with 350 employees locally in its two Erie facilities.

Eriez’ unwavering dedication to research and development has helped solidify its position as a pioneering force across many industries including food, packaging, plastics, recycling, mining, aggregates and various other processing sectors.

Jaisen Kohmuench,
President and CEO

Embracing Change is the Name of the Game

Guiding the ongoing growth of the organization is Jaisen Kohmuench, who assumed the role of president and CEO of Eriez on January 1, 2024. The leadership shift was meticulously planned, with Kohmuench collaborating closely with former president and CEO Lukas Guenthardt and the company’s board of directors to ensure a seamless transition.

Kohmuench’s education, extensive experience and strategic vision uniquely prepared him to navigate Eriez into the future, capitalizing on the substantial foundation established by his predecessor. His leadership promises to chart a path for sustained success and continuous innovation in the dynamic field of separation technologies.

Eriez suspended electromagnets are used to automatically remove damaging tramp iron from products such as coal, aggregates, wood and other conveyed materials. This especially large unit is destined for a mine in Arizona.

The year is already off to a strong start, with significant strides in product innovation, highlighted by the introduction of Eriez’ revolutionary PrecisionGuard X8 metal detectors. These cutting-edge metal detectors feature advancements in signal processing and electronic design. With robust construction and an intuitive touchscreen interface, these units excel at identifying small ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless-steel contaminants in food applications and other processing industries. Consumers and brands alike are protected against unwanted metal particles thanks to technologies from Eriez.

Paving the Pathway to Tomorrow

With its comprehensive range of innovative solutions, Eriez stands ready to address the ever-changing demands of the global market. By cultivating a culture of creativity and collaboration, Eriez fosters an environment conducive to continuous improvement and revolutionary advancements. In this era of rapid change and disruption, Eriez serves as a beacon of stability and progress, paving a path forward while remaining steadfastly anchored, to Erie, by its fundamental principles.

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