Job Dissatisfaction Drives Resignations, Survey Finds


Lack of training, motivation and workplace challenges are some of the biggest reasons employees leave their jobs, and more businesses need to focus on them in order to improve retention, according to a new survey conducted by employee and customer improvement firm Insync.

The research questioned more than 11,000 respondents from 40 different organizations, and also revealed businesses have the power to change 80 percent of staff turnover with the right techniques.

“Our research has found employees leave primarily due to the job itself and not for reasons such as pay and conditions or relationships with managers or peers. If a
job is inherently unfulfilling or unsatisfying it’s highly likely that employees will look elsewhere for other opportunities, no matter what incentives are in place,” said Insync Chief Executive Nicholas Barnett.

The survey claims businesses can save $280,000 per year for every 100 staff they employee by reducing turnover by just 5 percent, assuming an average salary of $75,000.