Made in AmERIca: Our Own Candle Company


When you walk into Our Own Candle Shop in Findley Lake, NY, your sense of smell goes wild.

The warehouse, with a production line close by takes on the aroma of the several different mason jar candles that are manufactured by the thousands out of this location. And when it comes to Made in America, well, welcome to Our Own Candle Company.

“The glass, the wick, the wax, the labor, caps, the scents all made in the USA,” said Larry Gross, owner of Our Own Candle Company.

Our Own Candle Company has been making these highly scented fragrance candles for 16 years. At peak season they employ about 50 people at their two locations. At their Findley Lake plant, workers make the smaller version of the candle, while at their East Erie location, the larger mason jar candles are made by the thousands.

In fact, this “made in the USA” company ships their product to 10 different foreign countries including, Dublin, Ireland and England.

Gross says exporting is great business, but it’s Made in America, made right here that’s important to him.

“Very important. It enables us to control our inventory, we know we can manufacture right for our needs, it’s great to give back to the country,” said Gross.

And the employees also know the importance of keeping the work right here.

“All these small businesses that dedicate themselves to Made In America really show we can make products as we claim,” said Alan Miller, who works in shipping and receiving.

“We’re proud every component is made in the US. It’s important to other countries as well it’s made in the states,” said Bill Simpkins, sales manager.