Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.


Marking its 50th year of continuous operation in 2014, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. (, is a family owned company with a long history of manufacturing in the USA, including its headquarters in Warren, Pennsylvania. The Business Magazine recently spoke with HR Director Keith Bertch to learn about Superior’s milestone anniversary and its optimistic outlook for the future.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has been operating in northwest Pennsylvania since 1964. Tell us about how the company got its start.
Superior Tire & Rubber was founded in 1964 as a tire retailer, retreader and molder of solid industrial tires. The business was purchased by Henri LeMeur Sr. in 1974, and he refocused the business as a manufacturer of specialty industrial tires. Early success designing tires for floor scrubbers and sweepers started the company on the road of consistent growth. In the 1990s, Henri LeMeur Jr. and William LeMeur moved into leadership positions and have led the way to our current position as an industry leader.

Once Henri LeMeur Sr. acquired the company in 1974, Superior Tire really started to grow and evolve. Please describe the company today under the leadership of the LeMeur family, including President Henri LeMeur Jr.
Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation provides engineered solutions to our customers. Our company’s stated goal is to provide technical excellence to give our customers a competitive advantage. Superior does this by continuously working to improve our manufacturing processes to provide our customers with these solutions. Under the leadership of Henri LeMeur Jr., the company has steadily grown by consistently reinvesting in the business. From our manufacturing equipment we use every day and the business systems that help us operate, we are provided with state-of-the art tools to work with.

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