Member of the Week: Rehrig Pacific Company


Contact Information:

Rehrig Pacific Company
1738 W 20th Street
Erie, PA 16502

Phone Number: (814) 455-8023

Tell us what you like best about being a Pennsylvania based company.
Rehrig Pacific company is very proud to be here in Erie, PA. In 1913, we began as a small Los Angeles manufacturer of reusable wooden crates for the automotive industry and prepared foods industries. In the 1960’s, as advances were made in injection molding, Rehrig decided to dive into this new technology, and the Erie,PA facility was opened in 1968 to serve the Eastern markets. There is a lot of great history for the company in Erie, and we are proud to be have been part of the tremendous injection molding industry that has thrived here.

What improvements/enhancements have you made to your facility or equipment recently?
In the past couple of years, we seen continued growth in our business which has allowed us to purchase two injection molding machines, as well as new technology in automation. Due to this growth in our workforce, we have put a significant focus on improving our employee facilities and training programs with new restroom and locker rooms, as well as put plans in place to have a new training room in place by summer of this year.