Member of the Week: Agility Marketing


Contact Information:
Agility Marketing
2323 W 38th Street
Erie, PA

Phone Number: (814) 868-4824


Tell us what you like best about being a Pennsylvania based company.
No question that the largest benefit of being a Pennsylvania company is the work ethic of our employees. From Agility’s IT Engineers to the newest agents, we see the dedication to continuous improvement. This has allowed growth and diversification into Federal and State programs as well as the diversification of our private sector clients in the Insurance and Financial Service Verticals. Second most important would have to be the political climate we enjoy and the support of the elected officials and Government agencies. While some areas of the country have politicians that talk of the importance of job growth, Pennsylvania, and especially for us Northwestern Pennsylvania, enjoys a public/private partnership that truly encourages growth.

What improvements/enhancements have you made to your facility or equipment recently?
For those not familiar with Agility, we are a nationally recognized provider of business and customer relationship management (CRM) services, specializing in a highly professional approach to customer satisfaction and business growth. We are dedicated to high standards of excellence and technological superiority. Agility works closely with its clients to customize programs based on overall goals and unique business requirements. Tremendous flexibility and experience provide the edge which makes us extremely successful in exceeding client expectations. Our pledge is to continue the quest for technological advancement and education, enabling the company to thrive in an increasingly sophisticated business environment. Our commitment to the region is evidenced in adding over 250 positions and infrastructure improvements of over $2,000,000 as we blend the latest technology with live agents for our Clients in both the Public and Private sectors.