Survey Reveals Unusual Team-Building Activities


Why break bread with colleagues when you can break dance? That’s what one company did for team building, according to a survey of 400 U.S. advertising and marketing executives by The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service for interactive, design and marketing professionals.

Advertising and marketing executives were asked, “What is the wackiest or most unusual team-building activity you’ve ever participated in or heard of a company participating in?” Among the responses:

  • “A dance-off.”
  • “We had a psychic come and do readings.”
  • “Getting pedicures.”
  • “Indoor skydiving and surfing.”
  • “A one-week retreat in the desert.”
  • “An improv class.”

“Creative teams are busier than ever, but carving out time for ‘structured play’ can boost staff morale and collaboration,” said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group.

Experts say team-building activities don’t have to be elaborate to be effective. Often, a simple game or outing can do the trick.