Monday 18 June 2018
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2017 Nonprofit Leadership

Effective leadership is vitally important to any organization, and that is certainly true for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations seek to create public good. They foster community engagement and civic participation.

Yet the nonprofit sector’s ability to provide its services has come under ever-increasing pressure with changes in public policy and growing competition.

To meet these challenges, today’s nonprofit executives need to stand up and stand out. They need to have a wide repertoire of knowledge, skills and experiences, and know when to apply their array of skills. These leaders are known not only by what they accomplish, but also by how they accomplish it and how they influence people in the process.

“Leadership is a relationship in which leaders and those being led are connected and emotionally engaged in pursuit of common purposes,” states an article by the Giving Institute. “When nonprofits are fortunate to be advanced by this kind of a leader, they are usually able to achieve high levels of success.”

The MBA Business Magazine is taking a unique look into the community of innovative nonprofit leaders. Here are a few of the people who are out there innovating, inspiring supporters and creating impact every day of the year: