Sunday 20 January 2019
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Who’s Not Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

Pennsylvania has four candidates running on the Republican primary ticket for governor in 2018. All of them have strong campaign messages and all are critical of incumbent Governor Tom Wolf’s record of trying to raise taxes, as well as his longstanding liberal-leaning views and policies. However, their background, achievements and qualifications are all very different. Here’s what you should know:


Ellsworth served as the partner in charge in a very large international law firm where she has fought for innovators, employers and family businesses that have created more than 100,000 jobs in Pennsylvania. Her track record for getting things done is impressive, as well as her leadership positions in civic organizations. Ellsworth has worked to diversify our economy, create jobs and to reform pensions and reduce taxes. She was also a leader of innovative workforce development programs.

Ellsworth was named by Governor Rendell as one of the Top Businesswomen in Pennsylvania and was appointed by Governor Corbett to serve on the boards of the Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education, the Pennsylvania Council on Privatization and Innovation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Paul Mango –
Mango is a graduate of West Point, where he received his diploma from Ronald Regan. After a long career of serving his country, he received his master’s degree in business from Harvard. He has more than 25 years of experience as a business leader, with a strong focus on health-care issues. He has a skillset for helping Pennsylvania out-compete other states and countries for the jobs of the future.

Mango prides himself with his family and family values. He touts himself an outsider and criticizes the “Harrisburg” politics as usual mentality. He was the first one to run television ads.

Mike Turzai –
Turzai is the latest to enter the race. Rumors were flying for months that he was going to run, but his official announcement only came in late November 2017. Turzai is currently the Speaker of the House of Representatives and has served in the House since being elected in 2001. As a legislator, Turzai has pushed hard to control government spending in order to reduce taxes on family and business. He has worked hard against Governor Wolf’s constant tax-and-spend agenda. He is best known for efforts of changing the liquor monopoly in Pennsylvania, but he also has championed lawsuit abuse and promoted school choice.

Scott Wagner –
Scott Wagner hit Harrisburg with force as the first Senator ever elected by a write-in vote. He has been vocal on the political waste in Harrisburg since Day One and has been running for governor since his first day of work in the Senate.

Wagner has been a successful businessman for over 40 years. He has several businesses in Pennsylvania, as well as other states. Currently, he is the president and owner of Penn Waste and KBS Trucking in York, PA. He has the ability to self-fund a statewide campaign so his ability to successfully fund-raise will not be as important.
Bottom Line

All four candidates want conservative politics, job creation and business-friendly environments. The Pennsylvania primary will highlight each of their strengths, their ability to make positive change in the Commonwealth and their ability to become a household name by May 15, 2018.