Thursday 15 November 2018
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Logistics Plus

With its international display of flags perched on the rooftop of its Union Station headquarters, Logistics Plus (LP) is a beacon of what a small NWPA-based business can accomplish on the global stage.

The 50-plus flags represent not only the company’s diverse workforce — employees from as far away as Mexico, Croatia, Bosnia and Spain — but also the reach of its international locations since it was founded in 1996. In fact, the 22-year-old company has hit the fast*forward button when it comes to the growth of its transportation and logistics business, and talent pool. In 2018, Logistics Plus expects annual global sales to approach $220 million and is consistently recognized as a fast-growing transportation and logistics company,
reputable supply chain partner, top freight broker, a leading project cargo manager, as well as a certified “Great Place to Work.”

What’s LP’s secret? Well, according to local entrepreneur and CEO Jim Berlin, it’s all about a strong passion for excellence. The company’s more than 450 worldwide employees put the “plus” in logistics by ensuring complete customer satisfaction and success.

Today, LP’s customer list includes some of the biggest companies on the planet, including Google and Amazon (plus several other bigname companies in the wings), as well as the co-working and office startup WeWork — one of the highest valued private companies in the world. Logistics Plus has adapted to meet the needs of these newer, higher-tech companies by establishing sizeable support teams based in Erie, while delivering top-notch customer service to traditional longstanding customers based in Northwest Pennsylvania, many of whom are Manufacturer & Business Association members, including GE Transportation, LORD Corporation and Hero BX.

This mix of old and new has kept the company growing — and fast.
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