Manufacturer & Business Association Issues Official Statement on Strike at Wabtec Facility in Erie


“We have been presented with an opportunity that for most of us, if fortunate enough, only comes around once in a lifetime. The opportunity that Wabtec has presented to its employees, their families, our city, its citizens, as well as the many supporting organizations throughout Erie County and northwest Pennsylvania, is one that any city in the country would give anything for.

The time and effort that has gone into attracting a world-class company that can have an immediate, positive impact on the community is staggering, and we now have the chance to realize the benefits firsthand. The big question is: Will we be successful in making the most of the opportunity that has been presented to us or will it be lost?

Time is of the essence. All indications are that Wabtec truly wants to make Erie a production facility like no other in delivering world-class locomotives, related products and technology to the world market.

Life is about making choices and timing. When all is said and done, now is the time, and we all hope that both parties can come together to a decision that our community and the communities throughout Northwest Pennsylvania can benefit from for many years to come.”

— John Krahe,
President and CEO
Manufacturer & Business Association