A special message from your MBA


These are unprecedented times for our world. As we do everything we can to keep ourselves and our communities safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we also understand the real challenges for you, our membership, and your staff. Know that the MBA is always here to assist you and will continue to do so long after the storm has passed.

Rest assured that we are your trusted resource to navigate this rapidly changing landscape as we respond to hundreds of HR and employment law calls that are coming in to our Hotline every day. We continue to be a valuable resource for keeping you up-to-date on new guidelines and pending legislation that will impact your organizations and operations now and in the near future.

The MBA, which prides itself on its regionally recognized instruction, has moved quickly to implement remote, online courses to enable your workforce to stay current with best practices and to keep your business teams trained and moving forward. We also have instituted online platforms for many of our briefings and workshops that will enable you to stay connected and informed.

Whatever your questions or concerns may be, the MBA and our professional staff will answer them the best we can. Now more than ever, we are here for you, our members, as you lead your organizations ahead!

In this, our special Women in Leadership issue of the Business Magazine, we’ll highlight many of the resources available to help women in the workforce realize their leadership potential. We’ll hear from IMPACT Luncheon speaker Ann Scott of Erie Insurance on the importance of fostering motivation, team building and talent and how it can impact your business and community.

We’ll also hear from Marcia DePaula of regional law firm Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC, about the representation of women in the workforce and particularly in the legal field. We’ll also showcase many of the women leaders in the region who are making a difference within their organizations every day.

Plus, in our 2019-2020 Recognition Ceremonies section, we’re proud to celebrate the many leaders in supervisory, team leader, computer and HR roles who recently graduated from the MBA’s regionally recognized training programs.

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