ProChemTech International Takes Innovative, Multi-Generational Approach to Water Management Business

From one generation to the next, Pennsylvania has been home to thousands of companies that are leading the way in manufacturing innovation and ingenuity. Here, ProChemTech International Inc. Founder and Chief Chemist Tim Keister and his son, Erie District Service and Sales Manager Joe Keister, share the Brockway, Pennsylvania-based company’s innovative and multi-generational approach to the water management business, which supports commercial, government and industrial customers in 14 states.

Tell us about your vision and how ProChemTech International got its start.

Tim: The mission of ProChemTech is to provide commercial, industrial and municipal clients with state-of-the-art programs to water and wastewater management systems. We pride ourselves on being a “single source” company, combining expertise in chemistry, systems design and engineering to create innovative customized solutions.

ProChemTech International was started in 1987. My 13 years as the manager of water/wastewater for Brockway Glass Inc. gave me in-depth knowledge of the requirements for a good water and wastewater management program, and the available pool of highly skilled workers in the Brockway area made it an ideal location to grow an innovative science and manufacturing business.

Describe your current operations and your leadership role.

Tim: We have two operating divisions, specialty chemicals and engineered systems. Chemicals are manufactured at both our Apache Junction, Arizona and Brockway, Pennsylvania locations. All engineering systems design and manufacturing takes place in Brockway. We’re also proud to employ a number of veterans. As chief chemist and president, my role is to provide management direction for the company, drive technical innovation and resolve customer technical problems.

Joe: As the Erie District service and sales manager, it’s my job to take care of all our customers’ service and sales needs in northwestern PA, as well our nearby customers in New York and Ohio.

Today, with facilities in Brockway, Pennsylvania and Apache Junction, Arizona, the company has a diverse line of products and services, including engineered systems, chemical services, and research and development. Tell us more.

Joe: Our chemists create tailored water treatment solutions for each facility that we work with; We don’t believe in settling for a non-optimal, few-sizes- fits-all chemical program. The second half of a successful water/wastewater program is having the right equipment. Our engineered systems division focuses on the design and production of water, wastewater, cooling and process systems, primarily for industry. Similar to our approach for chemicals, we spend time considering all possible options and then design the best solution for our clients.

Tim: Innovation is something we pride ourselves on, so research and development is an important part of my work. We consider the most challenging problems as opportunities for the entire field to grow.

How does ProChemTech International set itself apart from its competitors?

Joe: Our customized approach to chemicals and equipment, our history of technological innovation, and the high- quality service our technicians provide.

As you look to the future, what’s ahead for ProChemTech?

Tim: We expect that interest in our technologies for reducing cooling tower water use and for wastewater recycling and reuse will increase as more companies switch to more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Joe: We’ve been invested in green tech solutions for a long time, so it’s nice to see increased interest in these fields and technologies.

Tim: It’s great for the companies as well as the environment. Our green solutions are less hazardous and cheaper.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Joe: We’re proud to be based in Pennsylvania, and I look forward to working with more of the dynamic businesses in and around Erie!

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