A Show of Support



The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed life as we know it. For the business world, the crisis has impacted nearly every industry  in some way. And, we recognize that small businesses, the bedrock of the American economy, will need support now more than ever. Yet even in the face of such challenges, the business community continues to show the best of itself, rallying together to provide relief and support when our country, our world, needs it most.

Yes, we’ve faced different foes before. From World Wars and terrorist attacks, we are a nation that doesn’t back down from a fight. Ours is a country built on the American spirit where hope and determination drive us to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move forward, no matter the obstacles that come our way.

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous examples of employers coming together for a common cause to keep our nation and our communities safe. So many moments where, in the midst of social distancing, employers have banded together to shift their production lines to create much-needed safety gear and supplies to health-care workers and hospitals, and to those supply chains and front-line workers who helped ensure that people get food and supplies while quarantining safely at home.

This is the American spirit at its best, and we need to remind ourselves of that often. Once the dust settles, we will emerge from this crisis the same way we always do — stronger than before.

In this edition of the Business Magazine, we are proud to showcase some of the companies that have been a part of this effort and, in many instances, demonstrating how vital manufacturing and other businesses are not only to the American economy but also to the world.

We’re excited to tell you the story of Erie, Pennsylvania-based diversified technology provider Velocity Network, a small business-turned-75-person operation, which has been able to assist so many companies in our region by keeping their businesses up and running remotely through this pandemic. We’re also excited to talk to water management company ProChemTech International about what they are doing to provide innovative solutions for their customers.

Plus, in this, our 11th annual Made in PA edition of the Business Magazine, we’re thrilled to feature the many manufacturing companies that have and will continue to be an integral part of our local, state and national economy now and in the future. To that end, we’d also like to recognize retiring General McLane Superintendent Rick Scaletta on his contributions to technical education after 40 years of service. It has been a true partnership for education and industry, and we are grateful for his efforts.

Amid all that is going on in our world, now is the time to show our best selves. And, if the Association can be in assistance in any way to you or your organization, know we are here to help. Visit to connect with us. We are always here for you!