New MBA Medicare Program Makes Medicare Easy for Employers, Employees


Over the past decade, the American workforce has been aging with the Baby Boom generation coming into retirement years. Over 10,000 Americans per day are turning 65 and many continue to work. As such, many employers are experiencing rising health insurance costs along with struggling to provide the right advice and support to aging employees due to the complexity of Medicare and Social Security.

The Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) has developed a unique, value-added program, in conjunction with its partner, MediPlanConnect. This partnership provides an education program to employers for their employees who are approaching or are already at Medicare age (generally 65 years old). The program provides education, private one-on-one consultation with the Medicare-eligible employee, as well as health plan selection and enrollment services. These services are no cost to employers or their employees as members of the MBA.

With the rising cost of health care, many employers have been faced with having to reduce benefits while increasing the employee’s contributions to health insurance. The MBA Medicare program allows individuals to decide if they want to go onto Medicare, and results in a win-win for the employee and the employer. The employee gets richer benefits at a lower cost, while the employer saves money on their group health plan in addition to an employee relations win by providing a resource for the Medicare-eligible employee.

Medicare is a system with numerous rules and regulations and is often misunderstood. Having trained professionals assist your organization not only reduces the burden on human resource management, but also provides a valuable service to employees who often have given many years to the organization. Allow the MBA and MediPlanConnect, a team of highly trained professionals, to assist your Medicare-eligible employees to make the right decision for their health insurance coverage needs.

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Michael Fiaschetti is the president of MediPlanConnect, an insurance and advisory services company that helps people achieve health and financial
security. For more information, visit