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The past couple years have highlighted the influence our elected officials in Pennsylvania have on our business community. We saw many pro-business candidates loose to opponents funded by organizations that don’t have our best interests in mind. It is important the strong candidates who share our values win their primaries. Let me be clear: Good candidates and good campaigns matter.

So, if you are like many of our members, frustrated with how things turned out this past election, it is time to get involved with the Manufacturer & Business Association’s State Political Action Committee (MBA- PAC). Donating to the MBA-PAC is the best way to get involved in the political process and make a difference.

Why Does the MBA Have a PAC?

Sitting on the sidelines is not an option for our members. When you contribute to the MBA-PAC, you are supporting candidates who are working to help us continue to lead the way for a pro-growth and pro- business environment in Pennsylvania.

What is the PAC’s Purpose?

We promote candidates who support the issues most important to our members. We strive for improvement by encouraging our members to take a more active part in government affairs. We assist the business community in organizing themselves for more effective political action.

What Does the PAC Do?

The MBA-PAC is bipartisan and supports candidates for public office who understand and support the issues most critical to the continued growth and success of our members. The MBA-PAC helps us to educate policy leaders on issues that are important to our industry.

Here’s why you should join our efforts. Recently, an MBA member said this, “I quit watching the news a couple years ago. The last three years showed me that no matter what we as a population want or think, the government is going to go the way of getting their pockets lined, or cave into the squeaky wheel even though the squeaky wheel is such a small population.”

We hear you and want you to know you are not alone. The MBA, through our Government Affairs team, gets legislation passed for you, our members. Two recent examples are the reduction of the Corporate Net Income Tax Rate — good for those businesses that file as C-corps — and the passage of Section 179, immediate expensing, which helps those that file as pass-throughs instead file at the individual tax rate. Both took years and patience. It is usually a fight except for that moment when lawmakers compromise. The past several years have been extremely challenging on many fronts, but the MBA is here for you and won’t quit now.

If you have ever wondered, “Does advocacy really work? Is there a return on investment or is it just like throwing money down a rabbit hole?” you now know the answer. Yes, advocacy does work!

This all starts with getting strong candidates over the finish line on election day and helping those good lawmakers who share our values. Our goal is always to do what is in the best interest of you, our members. Your donation to the MBA-PAC allows us to support lawmakers who will champion the initiatives that support you.

The MBA has grown to become one of the strongest voices for business in western Pennsylvania. However, our success depends on the generosity of MBA members like you!

Here’s how you can help. Please make your donation online at and-benefits/government-affairs/mba-pac/ or contact me at

to learn more about both our state and federal PACs working for you.