MBA Government Affairs: State of the Association


The Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) is dedicated to building a pro-business climate in the Pennsylvania. In 2022, the MBA Government Affairs department focused on where we could have the most impact for members and provided them with education about the issues via policy group meetings, the Business Magazine, government newsletters, surveys and MBA member visits with lawmakers.

Significantly, the MBA’s Government Affairs representatives were interviewed or cited 35 times in state and national media — print, radio and television news — in 2022.

One of the key issues that the MBA Government Affairs Department focused on was the elections. With the PA governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. congressional seats, and numerous PA House and several PA Senate seats up for grabs, we sought to create opportunities for members to speak with candidates and lawmakers.

The MBA Policy Committee hosted small group discussions with candidates running for various offices, including candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor. The MBA also hosted a packed legislative lunch with Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano in the fall.

In addition, the MBA hosted larger events before the May primaries. These events were well-attended and received significant media attention. The MBA hosted a televised panel discussion with candidates for governor, including former Congresswoman Melissa Hart, PA Senator Jake Corman, Niche Zama, former Congressman Lou Barletta, Charlie Gerow, Dave White and Bill McSwain.

The following week, the four leading U.S. Senatorial candidates Dave McCormick, Mehmet Oz (“Dr. Oz”), Kathy Barnette and Jeff Bartos gathered at the MBA Conference Center in Erie for a forum that was televised locally and re-aired on JET24/ Fox66, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, and in the Harrisburg, Altoona, Scranton, and Philadelphia markets. Additionally, the significance of the panel being the only to include the two front-runners at the same time received print, digital and televised news coverage in every media market in Pennsylvania as well as national coverage on NBC, Fox and CBS TV News.

The MBA Government Affairs Department worked closely with several coalitions to accomplish legislative goals, such as the Compete PA Coalition, which was successful in reducing the Corporate Net Income (CNI) tax rate from its position as the second highest in the country down to 4.99 percent by 2031; the Power PA Jobs coalition, which opposed Pennsylvania’s entrance into the Regional Greenhous Gas Initiative (RGGI); the PA Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, as its name implies; and Stop New Energy Taxes – to oppose the severance tax.

The MBA also represented at events, panels, meetings, hearings and coalitions that are too numerous to mention, but highlights include presenting on “Energy: The Bedrock of the Manufacturing Sector” at the Shale Insight Conference, and participating in fundraising events with various political candidates.

The MBA’s roundtable with the PA House Manufacturing Caucus included Chairwoman Donna Oberlander and other PA House members, Representatives Marcie Mustello, Carrie DelRosso and Abby Major. Other notable guests from the year included U.S. Undersecretary of International Trade Marisa Lago and Canada’s Consulate General Andre Frenette.

One of the highlights of the year was the Second Annual Western PA Legislative Reception on November 17, 2022, at CNX Resources. The MBA partnered with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and the Pittsburgh Business Exchange to create an opportunity for members to speak with an extraordinary number of lawmakers. Both newly elected and incumbents from the PA House and Senate were invited, and Speaker of the House, PA Representative Bryan Cutler, was among the 36 elected officials in attendance.

Visit the MBA Government Affairs page at for a full list of legislation we advanced in 2022 and to learn more about getting involved in 2023!