A Celebration of Success

Longevity serves as a powerful testament to an organization’s success, reflecting not only the ability to navigate the challenges of the business landscape but also the capacity to evolve and remain relevant over time. For many longtime employers in the tri- state region, an organization’s enduring presence implies a sustained ability to meet customer needs, adapt to changing environments, and weather economic fluctuations. Longevity is a hallmark of organizational resilience and effective leadership, showcasing its vitality for the long haul.

At American Turned Products with locations in Erie and Fariview, Pennsylvania, longevity is a marker of success. “Business longevity means 40 years of employee dedication, customer trust, and shared success,” says CEO Scott Eighmy, whose father founded the contract precision machining manufacturing firm in 1984. “It’s a testament to our resilient team and efforts to improve our business every day.”

Experts agree that successful organizations often have an inherent ability to innovate, staying ahead of the curve and embracing change rather than resisting it.

Erie United Methodist Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides life-changing opportunities for those who live at the margins of homelessness, has embraced the call to effect change since it was founded in Erie in 1888. “For 135 years and counting, EUMA understood our mission, changed it when needed, and invited the best and brightest to change the lives of our neighbors in need,” explains Jessica Gray, chief development officer.

For others, longevity of an organization speaks volumes about its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Organizations that stand the test of time typically prioritize building enduring relationships.

The 15-acre Erie Zoo, for one, has been an integral part of the community since its founding 100 years ago in 1924, becoming one of the region’s most treasured destinations. “We have enjoyed an enduring relationship with our community,” states President and Chief Executive Officer Melissa “Roo” Kojancie. “It allows us to remain relevant and mission driven.”
The enduring presence of an organization also is a testament to its success in fostering adaptability, resilience and a commitment to long-term value.

At Advanced Cleaning Systems, a commercial janitorial service company founded in Erie in 1998, business longevity “signifies the ability to adapt to changes, provide high-quality cleaning services,
while prioritizing customer needs to ensure continued growth,” says ACS Owner and Operator Kevin Kreidinger.

For Sealing Devices, which was founded in 1963 in Lancaster, New York, and operates a sales office in EBCO Park in Erie, marking 60 years in business as a distributor and manufacturer of a wide array of sealing solutions is a major milestone. According to the company, “business longevity means a lasting commitment to quality, service and community, upholding our legacy of ethics and innovation.”

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