Meadville Medical Center Foundation


This is one of the largest development projects in the Greater Meadville area. Please explain the reason behind it.
Patient encounters within the hospital setting are steadily shifting from inpatient to outpatient. It only made sense to create a brand new, state-of-the-art, high quality outpatient facility. However, Vernon Place is more than the future ofhealth care; it is the future epicenter of commerce and community in Crawford County. Meadville Medical Center and its subsidiaries have 1,700 employees and an annual economic impact of nearly $300 million. This makes MMC the largest employer and economic driver in the county.

What is the anticipated economic impact of this development on the local economy and the business opportunities that it presents?
An economic impact study conducted in 2013 by Tripp Umbauch, an independent consulting firm, determined that the entire Vernon Place development will yield an additional $50 million in economic impact annually.

Who will be occupying the complex starting in January and what are some of the services they will provide?
Select Meadville Medical Center outpatient services, Orthopedic Associates of Meadville, and Meadville YMCA’s Vernon Township location will be in the primary building.

MMC Services include: Women’s Diagnostic Services, Meadville Workplace Health’s Occupational Medicine, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, Audiology, Crawford County Sports Medicine, and some MRI, Ultrasound and Radiology Services.

Why was it important that this wasn’t just a medical facility but rather a community facility?
Meadville Medical Center is more than a hospital. It is the largest employer, the largest economic driver, the largest provider of comprehensive preventative care across the county and it aims to develop a lasting relationship with every person
we encounter. MMC is not owned by any one person. It is not our CEO’s hospital or our Board of Director’s hospital; it is the community’s hospital. With that comes a great responsibility, and everyone at MMC recognizes every choice we make impacts our community.

In addition to multiple buildings, the development will ultimately include walking trails and outdoor public areas. Tell us about the vision behind its design.
Vernon Place will ultimately become an experience, not simply a destination. Visitors will arrive with a specific goal. Whether that is to shop at a retail store, dine in a restaurant, visit the YMCA or see their physician at Orthopedics Association of Meadville, it is after they arrive that our goal throughout this process is to make them feel at home in their community and to provide multiple options while they are there.

What’s in store for future development?
We have received a great deal of interest from developers and business owners. As we assess the various proposals, our goal is to bring a nice variety of retail shopping, dining, and perhaps an extended stay hotel. Brand quality is important to us throughout this process as our community has clearly communicated with us that is what they desire. For more information about Vernon Place, visit