Where to Start With Background Checks


Workplace violence and theft is a growing threat to today’s businesses. Violence costs companies nationwide over $30 billion annually. The median cost of a single theft at work is well over $100,000.

However, taking reasonable steps to ensure workplace safety can help protect your company from the legal problems. One way to ensure safety is to implement background checks when hiring employees.

An effective background check geared at wiping out violence and theft may include a number of elements:

• Criminal: This check must be made with each state and only goes back so many years.

• Employment: This check verifies elements on an applicant’s resume, but also gives you an opportunity to learn about any former criminal behavior.

• Personal reference: This check provides information about an applicant’s values, sense of responsibility and strengths. If the applicant chose a poor reference, that reference may also provide information about weaknesses.

• Court records: This check indicates an applicant’s character and financial disputes.

• Driving record: This check can verify a Social Security number and address, but any driving violations may also reveal a lack of responsibility.

• Credit history: With signed permission, this check is a good source to verify the name, address, and Social Security number. It shows financial history.

• Social Security number: This verifies not only the number, but addresses which can be used for other background checks.

• Education: This check verifies degrees claimed and the honesty of the person.

The MBA offers a wide variety of discounted background checks to members. Contact the HR Services department at, 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660 to learn more.