There are few things that are predictable in business — including the energy market.

With numerous electric suppliers promising great savings by locking in long-term contracts, it can be confusing to know if you are getting the best rate and the best service. Add to this constant rate changes, determining when or if you should switch suppliers, and for how long, can be a difficult choice for any business, large or small.

That’s where the expertise of the Manufacturer & Business Association’s (MBA) energy program, EnergyAdvisors, stands out. For participating member companies across Pennsylvania, including the Penelec, PPL, West Penn, Penn Power, PECO, MetED and Duquesne Light utility areas, the MBA program provides predictability and budget stability for all of their energy needs — no matter their size or energy usage.

“Throughout our partnerships, we can quote all the largest suppliers on our members’ behalf, so we can provide the most competitive and beneficial strategy for long-term success,” says EnergyAdvisor Judy Rosatti. “Our mission is to provide our members with the ability to make good decisions when it comes to their energy supplier, as well as peace of mind, trust, accessibility and reliability. So far, we’ve helped hundreds of member companies save millions of dollars on their electricity costs — and we’re here for you, as well!”

A History of Savings

Ridg-U-Rak Inc., one of the largest pallet rack storage manufacturers in North America, has reaped the rewards of the energy program for its North East, Pennsylvania operations. The family owned company, which has sizable energy demands, has three facilities in Northwest Pennsylvania that provide more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing capability and warehousing space.

In fact, Ridg-U-Rak was one of the first companies to learn about EnergyAdvisors when the MBA started the program at the height of electric deregulation in 2009. In 2010, Ridg-U-Rak was approached by the MBA about the program, then called the MBA Employers’ Energy Alliance of PA, Inc. (EEA-PA). “The MBA was gathering member companies together to help shop for electric suppliers with a large volume and, therefore, obtain lower cost,” explains Ridg-U-Rak Plant Engineer Manager Jim Gunter. “It was a new and somewhat confusing process, and the EEA-PA helped navigate the process.”

With the option to use MBA partner and energy consulting firm BidURenergy, Inc. in 2014, Ridg-U-Rak received multiple offers for its energy supply from pre-qualified companies. “This saved us a lot of time and maintained the confidence of working with the MBA,” Gunter says. “Working with EnergyAdvisor Judy Rosatti has made the process very easy. She obtains the best pricing in the marketplace for our loads that fit our needs. We plan to continue this partnership in the future.”

A Valuable Resource

Harry Elinsky Jr., president and chief executive officer of Filtech in West Homestead, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, is one of the more recent MBA members to realize the advantages of the EnergyAdvisors program. The company, which specializes in filtration equipment and replacement filters, was contacted by the MBA to consider getting an analysis of its energy costs and usage.

Previously, Filtech had used the same energy supplier for 10 years but hadn’t actively pursued other options. Turns out, EnergyAdvisors could provide more electricity savings over the long term through a different supplier.

According to Elinsky, the savings potential is considerable for Filtech, which eight years ago switched from a gas system to a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to heat and cool its offices. Coupled with the VRF system and the switch in energy suppliers, Elinksy estimates $6,000 in energy savings per year.

“That savings more than pays our membership tenfold with MBA, and
we utilize many of the MBA’s services, such as training,” says Elinsky.
“We are very pleased with our membership, and it has been a very
positive aspect for our company, bringing resources to us that we didn’t
have before.”

Energy Savings Made Simple

By allowing EnergyAdvisors to review members’ energy usage and provide a detailed analysis of their potential savings, MBA members can be confident in their energy procurement strategy going forward.

“We’ll answer your questions, review all options available to meet your needs and develop an efficient energy strategy to manage your risk and maximize your savings,” says Rosatti. “It’s energy savings made simple.”

For more information, call Judy Rosatti at 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660 or visit