Mission Unstoppable


Over the past year, nonprofits and other businesses have dealt with waves of constant change  and  uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, through it all, many have adjusted in order to provide critical programs and services to the communities they serve — and many have adopted these changes for the long haul.

According to a recent study published by CAF America, 97 percent of nonprofits affirmed the need to innovate in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The study surveyed 805 nonprofit organizations, 57.76 percent of which had between one and 20 employees.

According to the report, the pandemic prompted 71 percent of respondents to shift their organizational strategies to include new services or programs.

Most often, organizational strategies have been adapted during the pandemic out of necessity; however, many of these innovations proved to be successful and will remain in place permanently. Online programming is the most common at 61 percent. Over half of respondents plan to continue their new service offerings and fundraising strategies. Partnership building is also notable, as 40 percent of respondents indicated it as a new practice that will be sustained into the future.

Given the staying power respondents have displayed through the pandemic, over 64 percent feel confident in their ability to operate indefinitely under current conditions. In anticipation of future crises, nearly 57 percent of respondents are confident they can successfully confront whatever comes next.

In this issue of the MBA Business Magazine, we’ll highlight the many ways that nonprofit, not-for-profit and other organizations have provided support to the community throughout the past year. For instance, AHN Saint

Vincent and Highmark, Inc. contributed numerous COVID-19 resources, from personal protection equipment, testing and vaccinations, to keep the region and its employer safe and healthy.

We’ll also hear from organizations such as Lakeshore Community Services, which will mark 35 years in 2021, and also found ways to navigate through the pandemic in order to serve its clients.

The Manufacturer & Business Association is proud to have a strong nonprofit presence as part of its membership. Check out this month’s issue, which showcases many of them!