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New Route 20 Tank Wash Increases Visibility of NWPA Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is vitally important to the global and American economy, especially when it comes to the highly specialized area of transporting food grade liquid bulk and liquid bulk freight. Here, Bryan Barnhart, president and CEO of Barnhart Transportation in North East, Pennsylvania, discusses the opening of the new Route 20 Tank Wash and the growing demand for its services.

The Route 20 Tank Wash opened this spring. Tell us about the need to open this tank wash and the types of services it provides.

Two years ago, we saw significant growth in our liquid division and with growth comes challenges. We were constantly challenged to find commercial wash services that did not cut into the productivity and efficiency of the liquid division fleet and drivers. In Northwestern PA, the closest proximity to these services is a 100-mile drive to Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh or Cleveland.

To provide a bit of background, a liquid tank trailer requires a wash before it can be loaded with another load of product. Depending on what the tank trailer hauled and what the next load is will determine the type of wash out needed. There are several guidelines that stipulate the agents used as well as temperatures needed to be attained before picking up its next load. So, you can see how that can present a challenge for our dispatch team to plan for in their routing of their respective trucks that they are responsible for.

We knew if we were facing these challenges other transportation companies had to be as well. That’s why we decided to make the investment not only to support our liquid fleet operations, but also service the local food and wine producers and the liquid by-product industry.

Who will be able to utilize the new tank wash?

Route 20 Tank Wash is open to the public for all food grade and non- hazardous commercial trailer wash cleanings. The facility primarily services the liquid and pneumatic transportation industry.

The Route 20 Tank Wash recently earned the Juice Products Association certification and is working on to becoming Kosher certified as well. Tell us more about the importance of these certifications.

The food grade facility is both Juice Products Association and Kosher certified. Our staff has all been trained on the specifications of both processes to ensure the integrity of each cleaning process. Having a tank wash facility that holds these certifications in the NWPA region provides value to local business that not only have to pay the wash fees at other facilities outside the area but are also having to absorb the cost of the extra miles that this adds to the routing of the lane that their transportation partner has to account for in the rate quoted.

How valuable is having a tank wash like this in northwest Pennsylvania, especially right off Interstate 90?

With Interstate 90 being one of the nation’s longest highways puts our facility at a perfect location to attract the thru freight traffic that is in enroute to or from a pickup or delivery. Our facility also offers brand new complimentary amenities like showers and restrooms, laundry facilities so drivers can take care of their personal needs while they wait. When we were designing this project, we tried to put the truck driver at the center of the process. Our goal was to add efficiencies to the entire wash process.

How can our readers learn more about the Route 20 Tank Wash and Barnhart Transportation?

For more information about Route 20 Tank Wash, LLC, call 814/347-5254 Ext. 120 or visit For more information about Barnhart Transportation, LLC, call 814/347-5254 or visit