For Women in the Workplace, Training is a Valuable Benefit


Childcare, flexible work schedules and the ability to work from home are top of mind for working women. Yet another increasingly valuable benefit for this growing talent pool is training and development.

Investment in education is essential for women if they are to have a role in the future workplace. Research has shown that the future of automation and advances in digital technology will disproportionately affect women, a segment of the workforce that is overrepresented in roles that are highly vulnerable to automation, including clerical roles like back office and administrative staff, customer service and call center jobs, and frontline service jobs.

What can employers do to retain (and recruit) these valuable team members? Invest in education, particularly computer training, which will help them increase efficiency, improve productivity, and propel them and their organizations forward.

The Manufacturer & Business Association, for example, provides world-class computer training. Our courses include the most popular Microsoft programs — Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Teams — as well as more in-depth mastery courses.

The MBA training team focuses on one-on-one attention to each participant, tailoring each class to the skill level of participants in a hands-on environment both virtually and in person. Participants are simulated by real-world work challenges in an easy-to- follow program, and leave with step-by-step documentation, practice files and a direct line to the trainer for follow-up questions.

The Association even offers three different learning platforms — at the MBA’s state-of- the-art computer lab in Erie, virtually via Microsoft Teams and onsite at member and partner locations. It’s a win-win for both employer and employee.

Remember: Investing in your team’s career growth is essential more than ever today. Let the MBA’s computer training experts help you find the right formula and open new doors for this important segment of the workforce.

Casey Naylon is the computer and digital media specialist at the Manufacturer & Business Association.

Contact her at 814/833-3200, 800/815-2660 or