Introducing the MBA’s New Microsoft Power BI — 101


Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool for converting various sources into interactive dashboards and analysis reports. Power BI stands out with streamlined publication and distribution capabilities. But is it a good choice for your organization?

For businesses who want more reporting power and analytical muscle than that offered by Excel, Power BI is the next level in business intelligence. With Power BI, businesses can assemble, scrutinize and visualize data from across the company, giving them greater insight into their operations and performance, and allowing them to make more informed decisions based on real data.

Different Power BI versions like desktop, device-based (SaaS) and mobile Power BI apps are used for different platforms. It provides multiple software connectors and services for business intelligence. There are few key features that make Power BI really stand out:

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports for SaaS Solutions.
  • Real-time dashboard updates.
  • Secure and reliable connection to your data sources.
  • Users can input massive quantities of data into Power BI that many other platforms would struggle to process.
  • Built-in machine learning features can analyze data and help users spot valuable trends and make educated predictions.
  • Power BI is cloud-based, so users get cutting-edge intelligence capabilities and powerful algorithms that are updated regularly.

Power BI is growing in popularity among businesses seeking better insights, interactive dashboards and strong reporting. Now is the time to leverage the many tools and services available that can help you prepare for a successful Power BI adoption and improve your data insights across the organization.

Learn more about how you can get started on leveraging Power BI for your organization with our one-day, hands-on introduction to Power BI on December 6.