Not Just Lip Service: Employees Seek Workplace Volunteering


Across the world, employee expectations of the companies they work for are dramatically expanding when it comes to corporate philanthropy. As such, companies are being forced to respond to this groundswell of interest in charitable activities, as they must do if they hope to attract and retain top talent.

A recent study by America’s Charities revealed that 68 percent of employers report that their employees expect them to support volunteerism and 50 percent of employers are moving to year-round engagement with their workplace giving programs. Eighty percent of surveyed companies offer employees the ability to contribute to nonprofits via automatic payroll deductions, 70 percent offer matching gifts as a component of their volunteering and giving program, and 60 percent are incorporating contests and events as a way to add fun to workplace giving programs and keep them vibrant.

In addition, a recent report, conducted by the ESMT European School of Management and Technology, found that environmental initiatives, charitable giving and ethical business practices help employees identify more strongly with their companies and serve as ice breakers and points of conversation for employee and customer dialogue.