Howard Industries Revolutionizes Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety


howard-industries-pedestrian-crossing-safety-system-3Howard Industries recently introduced its brand new Pedestrian Crossing Safety System featuring a myriad of warning signals that operate in unison to alert approaching drivers, from a distance, of pedestrians traversing the roadway. These signals include: an outdoor black-out LED direct-view amber wide angle flashing pedestrian symbol, 7” LED illuminated XING copy, multiple LED strobe light heads and, most notably, an ultra-bright, pure-white LED illuminated light beam that projects over 16 feet into the roadway.

In addition to its safety function, Howard Industries’ Pedestrian Crossing Safety System offers a unique way for facilities and institutions to display and reinforce their brand image throughout the exterior of their property. These systems can be custom painted using brand specific colors, adorned with printed logos, utilized to display campus maps, provide directional information and more. Due to their multi-functional purposes, these systems are ideal for colleges, universities, healthcare facilities, senior living environments and beyond.

Howard Industries is an architectural signage manufacturer of both interior and exterior wayfinding signage. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, occupying over 50,000-squarefeet and employing nearly 50 individuals, Howard Industries fabricates a large line of architectural signage systems utilizing more than 120 proprietary aluminum extrusions.

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