Local Industrial Distributor Changes Name


ERIE – Erie Bearings Company recently changed its name to ErieTec, Inc.

After 59 years of serving the tri-state industrial community as Erie Bearings, the family owned company has adopted a name that better encompasses the breadth of its product line and expertise.

“We’re more than just bearings – and have been for a long time,” President Michael Ketchel said. “It was time our name reflected that.”

The name change is not a result of a shift in ownership or staff – instead, it reflects what the company has been providing to the Erie community and beyond – technical expertise and solutions.

“We are a very technical company with people who are highly educated in our products. We want to share a story about how we can provide electrical and mechanical technical solutions, technical products and technical ideas,” Ketchel added.

The customers were a partial inspiration for the new name, as many of them began to refer to Erie Bearings Co. as simply “Erie.” The “tec” portion of the new name highlights the company’s true function: providing technical solutions.

ErieTec is a team of highly trained, experienced men and women who provide solutions across the industrial spectrum. Founded in 1958 as a bearings supplier, the company evolved into a full-line mechanical and electrical solutions provider, focusing primarily on increasing its customers’ profitability.

The company is headquartered in Erie and has branches in Erie, Altoona, Indiana, Meadville, Pittsburgh and St. Marys. The UL508A Panel Shop division, EB Controls, is also located in Erie.

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