Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Building for Tomorrow

Keeping on top of new and emerging trends in the construction industry is not only important for contractors but for those employers who are planning a construction project in the near term. In fact, according to recent research, there are a few trends that are expected to continue to impact the industry in the next year.

Offsite Construction
For companies that use offsite construction, experts say the benefits of prefabrication and modular projects are making the transition easier to handle. According to a report by eSub, having the ability to build and construct buildings in a controlled environment enables companies to work year-round without weather being a factor and creates a safer working environment for their employees.

Experts indicate that construction project management software is also rapidly improving. From using robotic equipment on job sites, drones being used to perform land surveys, and even construction-based software to help interpret and visualize projects, technology is making its presence known all over the construction industry landscape.

In fact, building information modeling, or BIM, is another construction industry trend that is expected to carry over into 2019. According to eSub, “BIM is a way of representing buildings, roads and utilities. It is a process of generating and managing computer representations of the projects before they are built. Architects and engineers can use the models to show how building materials will hold up overtime,” which can help in the creation of maintenance schedules.

Many companies are looking for new ways to increase sustainability and energy efficiency in their facilities. This means more room for innovation and improvements in design and construction, a trend experts say doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, which is a plus for those with plans to build now or in the future.

In this issue of the Business Magazine, we’ll explore some of the organizations that are building for the future, including locally owned and operated Bartlett Signs. The commercial sign company recently built a brand-new facility in Fairview and continues to expand its products and services, as well as its footprint in the tri-state region.

In addition, we’ll talk with Justin Griffith of the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) in Cranberry Township about how the RLA is growing its campus and program offerings near Pittsburgh, including workforce credentials and certificates.

Plus, we’ll explore some questions about contracts and safety that can help your company’s bottom line, as well as the impact of construction projects on the local economy, including the multimillion-dollar projects under way at UPMC Hamot in downtown Erie.

The Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) also offers a variety of training programs that cover everything — from planning and productivity to safety instruction. Be sure to visit the Association’s website,, to learn more on how the MBA can help your organization grow!