Tuesday 23 July 2019
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A Season of Giving


Although the holidays can be a hectic time for employers trying to wrap up deadlines and balance busy schedules, it can also be a good time to pause and reflect on the achievements of the past year by showing appreciation for your team while also finding ways to keep them engaged and motivated for the year ahead.

According to experts, here are some ways to help your organization finish strong in 2018 while ramping up for 2019:

Celebrate Successes
According to a recent article published in Forbes, workers who feel appreciated are less likely to be disengaged and unmotivated. The research points to a University of Pennsylvania study that examined employees who were tasked with making fundraising calls. The result:
Employees who were thanked and felt a sense of appreciation from their leaders made 50 percent more fundraising calls than their unappreciated counterparts.

“Since employees are likely to feel more stressed this time of year, showing them that they are appreciated might be the gentle push they need to prevent them from becoming disengaged and unmotivated,” the article states. “Employers should genuinely thank employees for a job well done.”

Encourage a Healthy Workplace

Experts point out that one of the best ways to keep employees productive is to maintain a clean office and educate employees on the risk of spreading illnesses. According to the Forbes report, this can be anything from ensuring shared office spaces — such as meeting rooms, break rooms and kitchens — are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick. Employers also can help reduce stress in the workplace during the holiday season by allowing flexible hours, communicating about deadlines and promoting positivity.

With more employees using paid time off, an effective communication plan is essential in keeping employees in the loop. Experts suggest having a weekly or monthly meeting during the holiday season to make sure everyone knows who is in charge of certain responsibilities and discuss which days teammates are taking time off.

In fact, “a good leader will recognize the holidays in order to keep employees productive, engaged and healthy,” experts state. “While it may be a cause of some distraction around the office, the holiday season is actually a great time to celebrate employees and initiate new wellness goals to end the year strong.”

What’s Inside
In this edition of the Business Magazine, our goal is to help your organization plan for what’s ahead. On the following pages, you’ll hear from Penn State Erie economists Ken Louie, Ph.D. and Val Vlad, Ph.D. on the statistics and trends that may impact the business outlook for 2019. In addition, we’ll talk with David Taylor, president and chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, as he breaks down the steel and aluminum tariffs, as well as trade deals, that may impact employers here in the Keystone State.

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