Anthem Artist Returns to MBA Annual Event


Joe Everson is America’s First and Only Singing, Live-Action Painter

In 2019, Joe Everson dazzled guests at the Manufacturer & Business Association’s 114th Annual Event. But it wasn’t just his amazing rendition of the National Anthem that wowed the crowd.

Everson, who is known as America’s first and only singing, live-action painter, performed the nation’s most sacred song while masterfully creating an oil painting of Statue of Liberty, one of the country’s most treasured landmarks. And to make it even more interesting, he painted Lady Liberty with the canvas upside down.

“It was incredible,” says MBA Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Lori Joint. “Everyone was mesmerized by what they had just witnessed. That is why we are so thrilled that Joe accepted our invitation to perform for us once again.”

Everson, who will appear at the Association’s 117th Annual Event on October 12 in Erie, has always been a bit of a renaissance man — artist, vocalist, musician, and photographer. He had a modest career as a semi-professional artist before becoming an Internet sensation.

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